Download our User's Manual

You can download the User's Manual here:
          PCLTS User's Manual.pdf

This is the complete PCLTS user's manual in Microsoft Word format. Download it if you want to look at the capabilities of the PCLTS system in more detail.


Download our Sample Test Program

The sample test program is meant to be run in DOS or in a DOS window in a 32-bit Windows system, like the regular Win XP.

This sample program will show you what the user interface is like and will also show you how simple the test programs are to write. You may edit the ASCII limit file and experiment with its different features.

If you are running DOS or Win XP (32-bit Windows)

Download the file and follow the following steps:

If you are running Windows7 (64-bit Windows)

You need to first install this simple 32-bit DOS emulator:


 Then download the file and follow the following steps:

mount C C:\pclts


md pclts

copy *.* pclts

cd pclts


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