The PCLTS system is a complete hardware and software upgrade for the Analog Devices' LTS-2000 family of testers (LTS-2010, LTS-2011, LTS-2015, and LTS-2020). By bringing the LTS tester to the PC platform, the upgrade enables:
  •  Highly improved engineering development tools
  •  Data manipulation flexibility
  •  Easy and fast networking (through PC)
  •  Blazingly fast execution times for test programs, comparable to today's high-performance testers
  •  An easy-to-use, menu-driven interface
  •  Improved accuracy and resolution (optional upgrade)
  •  All your existing socket assemblies and DUT cards will still function
  •  Access to a large number of 3rd-party PC applications, libraries, and instrumentation       interfaces

How Does it Do All This?

The PCLTS system is based around and LTS CPU emulator card, which installs inside a PC and runs concurrently with the machine's Pentium processor. A second board replaces the CPU card inside the tester and connects to the PC via shielded cables. The PCLTS software replaces the ADOS operating system, used by the LTS, and, in addition to including all its original functions, adds functionality, development tools, and a pull-down menu user interface. The entire LTS Basic instruction set has also been ported to C-language and greatly enhanced.

Easy and Powerful Test Program Development Tools

For the user that does not need to write sophisticated test programs, we have available Windows menu-driven automatic program generation utilities (similar to Analog Devices' Create) that make test program development as easy as filling out a form on the screen. This is only available for Op-amps at the moment.

If, on the other hand, you need to write test programs using a programming language, you can do so using our powerful C-language libraries (a superset of the old LTS Basic used in ADOS). Developed for use with Microsoft's C++ compiler, the system allows for a wide variety of engineering tools similar to the ones found in today's state-of-the-art mixed-signal testers. Some of these include:
  •  A powerful test program debugger with real-time capabilities
  •  Processing of datalog files, local to the PC or on a central network server
  •  Generation and measurement of relatively high-speed signals
  •  Use of ASCII limit tables which contain limits, test names, test numbers, units and other parameters




Tester Instrumentation Upgrades Available

In addition to the PCLTS upgrade, we also offer upgrades for LTS instrumentation system cards:

  • Measure Card: Replace the LTS-1201 12-bit card with our 16-bit, fully compatible upgrade
  • Source Card: Replace the LTS-1202 8-bit card with our 12-bit, fully compatible upgrade


You can go to our Downloads page and download the complete User's Manual for more detailed information on the PCLTS upgrade.

You can also download a small sample test program with fully functional user interface and limit table to gain better understanding of the inner workings of an actual PCLTS upgrade test program.

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PCLTS system upgrade for the LTS test system