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The Analog Devices' LTS-2020 tester has been around for a long time and is still a great desktop tester for analog, simple digital and mixed-signal ICs. It's weaknesses are the slow execution times, the very old programming environment, the non-portability of its data, and the lack of engineering tools.

Our PCLTS upgrade is a quick and easy solution to bringing the LTS-2020 family of desktop testers up-to-date in speed and engineering development tools. It does so by porting the LTS system to the PC platform and in this way transforming it into an easy-to-use, extremely fast test system, with performance comparable to today's desktop testers, but at a fraction of the cost of a new system.

Worldwide, there are over two hundred PCLTS-upgraded LTS-2020 testers. Some of these upgraded systems have sucessfully been used in production environments continuously for almost ten years now.

Our Customers:

Among our major customers are:

Analog Devices
Rockwell Avionics
Hughes Defense Comms.
Bell Technologies
Sandia National Labs
Jet Propulsion Lab
Sipex Corporation
MSD K.K., Japan